Planning and budgeting for Education
Azdan’s planning and budgeting solution for educational organizations can reduce Budgeting and Reporting Cycles by More Than 60%.
Abu Dhabi University follows five-year strategic plans with the goal of providing quality education and applied research that drive economic and social development in the region. However, until recently, ADU had no integrated system for budget analysis and execution, relying exclusively on Excel sheets. In 2014 it began looking for an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution to improve the core process of planning and forecasting. The requirement was to implement an end-to-end system capable of handling educational organizations budgeting focused on revenue, human capital, scholarship, operating expenses, capital expenditure, and budget execution.
Azdan One
Azdan One solution for VAT reporting in GCC delivers end-to-end business management solution that helps decision makers obtain 360-degree view of the business, by implementing first in class Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Analytics.
Flexible Workflow and Process Management:
Collaborate across the enterprise or with specific groups of users using data-driven, dynamic approvals powered by a state of the art workflow process.
Role-Based Navigation Flows:
Create navigation flows that are tailored for groups of users based on their usage needs. Sales planners, expense planners, financial analysts, executives etc. each can have their own navigation flows.
What If scenarios:
Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service provides sophisticated modelling and predictive analytical capabilities that allow users to create multiple what-if versions and slice and dice data based on various what if assumptions.
Rolling Forecast:
which makes it simple to implement a drive- based rolling forecast process in which the forecasting time horizon rolls forwards across years with the passage of time.
Excel based and Web Based Modelling:
Excel-based and web-based like modeling, planning and approval capabilities within one collaborative scalable solution. Sales, operational and strategic plans can be linked to long-term and near-term financial plans. T
Powerful calculations:
express a range of business logic with fast aggregation and instant analysis and reporting.

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You can get the benefit of totally one unified solution, with seamless upgrades and without many of the integration challenges. Our Specialization brings more insight to our clients and become an integral part of their business.


Our people are blend mix of business and technology Arab consultants. They understand the culture of business ecosystem in the Arab countries. They have several years of training and implementation experience on/offsite.


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